Introduction : French films d'histoire: Contesting France's National Memory


  • Margriet Hoogvliet


Biographie de l'auteur

Margriet Hoogvliet

Margriet Hoogvliet is postdoctoral researcher for Sabrina Corbellini's ERC Starting Grant project “Holy Writ and Lay Readers” (University of Groningen). She will publish in the near future several articles on the social history of late medieval readers of the Bible translated into French. Her research interests include the reception of texts and images, as well as the cultural history of cartography during the late Middle Ages and the sixteenth century. She is the author of Pictura et scriptura: textes, images et herméneutique des mappae mundi (XIIIe-XVIe s.) (Terrarum Orbis 7) (2007) and she has edited Multi-Media Compositions from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period (2004).




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Hoogvliet, M. (2012) « Introduction : French films d’histoire: Contesting France’s National Memory », Relief - Revue Électronique de Littérature Francaise, 6(1), p. 3–6. doi: 10.18352/relief.756.